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8 July 2019/Melita
Laser Prima Industrie Serie Platino

And finally our CO2 Laser of PRIMA POWER is  operating!

Why did we choose this sheet metal cutting process? We initially evaluated various options also taking into consideration high definition plasma cutting, having similar production purposes and, in some cases, “overlapping” points.

What then have we assessed? First of all the thickness to be cut, as the CO2 laser is generally indicated for thicknesses between 5 and 20 mm in mild steel, but it can very well cut even the thinnest sheets. For thicknesses above 30 mm the plasma is practically unbeatable. In the thickness range between 20 and 30 mm the performances are comparable. Therefore, in consideration of the type of prevalent work of our customers, already here we are oriented towards a laser machine.

We then evaluated the quality of the holes and the aesthetic level: the plasma offers a slightly lower level, with a slight compromise of the quality of the edges, so it is more suitable for heavy carpentry workings, not of high precision. Instead laser cutting is a very precise process: it creates a very narrow groove and therefore can cut contours and small holes accurately. The quality of the edges is usually excellent: squared and with very little waste. For us, another point in favor of a laser.

But if we talk about costs, certainly plasma equipment costs much less than laser cutting.

However the two previous points were absolutely winning for us, for the service we want to offer our customers. Here is the reason for our choice!