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M&M – SUMMER HOLIDAYS: let’s pull the plug!

14 August 2019/Melita
M&M - relaxing image of summer holidays: let's pull the plug!

And here we are in that year-long coveted period in which we all unplug!

The M&M is officially closed since August 12 and will reopen on September 02.

In these weeks we will all dedicate ourselves to the greatest luxury: time for ourselves and for our family!

How to use this precious time?

  1. ABSOLUTE OTIUM AND NOIA: They serve our brain to regenerate and cleanse the many thoughts of everyday life. Through these very reviled dimensions, can we actually see things with the right distance, and why not? Often, thanks to them, we give impetus to our creativity, to new ideas to develop. And also at this stage we have time to reflect without the anxiety of having to decide right away: let’s take advantage of it! We can finally listen to head, heart and instinct.
  2.  FIND OUR BABY SIDE: During the holidays we can recover the lightness and enthusiasm of when we were children, taking away from us the heaviness that sometimes our roles impose on us. How good can you make us spend a few carefree hours as children!
  3. REDISCOVER THE PLEASURE OF A LITTLE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: To be maintained even on our return after the holidays …
  4. MEASURE WITH DIFFERENT CONTEXTS AND PEOPLE: Make new experiences, of people and places, different from the usual ones. This stimulates our emotional intelligence and our creativity. The brain once again has the chance to regenerate.

Here is my personal way to “switch off” and free myself from stress !!