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In 1993, my sister Melita and I founded M&M Srl with a dream: to continue the family tradition in the machine industry, but independently, with a new project, manufacturing hardware for doors and windows. In the beginning, it was only us two, very young and enthusiastic. We found a space inside an old spinning mill where there were other artisans had come together and with whom we establish friendships and collaborations. A photographer friend of ours, Alberto, came up with the historical, green and yellow, M&M logo.

In time, we started taking on new products that led us to the idea of abandoning the hardware industry. It is exactly what we did after we moved to the new plant in Farra di Soligo, where we dedicated ourselves to processing under contract.

Then, with the establishment of a technical office and the hiring of highly qualified personnel, as well as the supervision and experience of my father Mario, who in the meantime decided to come give us a hand, we started a new adventure: designing and producing dies for new products by the developing the ideas of new clients.

Subsequently, with Stefano’s help, we started suggesting to our clients the production of prototypes of their products through 3D printing.

Currently, we have starting producing small automations with the goal of simplifying and making production more efficient, or for solving specific problems. Some clients have ask us to find customised solutions for them, thus the new automations department.

But M&M is not stopping here… the newest member is the 2D laser (under way).