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The cold shearing, moulding, bending and pressing of sheet metal are part of M&M Srl’s most important department, the one the company was founded for in 1993.

At the beginning we work on dies owned by the client (almost always built in our engineering department) for the production of metal pieces made with different materials: stainless steel, aluminium, soft iron, even iron zincate, brass, and in different thicknesses.

The products are obtained through special machining of the sheet metal, like shearing, moulding, bending and pressing. Then they go through other processes like assembly through spot welding, riveting and other machining of small and medium precision moulding.

The company uses mechanical presses from 30 to 300 t. for the production of its products.

We work with subcontractors for mechanical processes, heat and surface treatment and equipment needed to make the products.


One of our own products made with roll forming machines we have designed and created.
It is an omega strip, 16 mm in height, 2000mm in length and 6/10 mm thick in iron zincate.
It is used to lock the roof tiles to create adequate ventilation.


Pleated aluminium piece, lacquered terracotta tile, 0.15 mm thick with 2 x15 mm butyl adhesive on the external border of the lower side and on the external border of the internal side of the central cone.

The waterproofing caps are used to waterproof lightning rods, steel flues orA1-A2-C-class life-line anchor devices on roofs with terracotta or cement tiles.

The “pleating” of the aluminium makes adherence possible on all type of tiles, no matter the steepness of the roof or size of the tile. The colour integrates well with the sublayer.
The butyl adhesive, thanks to its plasticity, adheres perfectly to the metal element and guarantees excellent waterproofing.

Upon request, circular or square, stainless steel metal band can be supplied on the basis of the diameter of the tube or the section of the square tube.

With regards to their use on steel flues, the cap is used if the external part of the flue is covered by a chimney: by covering the steel tube directly, it eliminates any possible infiltrations that can appear between the chimney and the flue; it is also protected from weather factor and has no visual impact.
For a perfect seal the steel bands must be used. In the event of temperatures of 90° on the external side of the flue, we suggest using silicone for high temperatures.