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One of the advantages of building a die for cold forming economical, especially on medium-high quantity operations, and the other is consistency in quotes for the forming stage of the items.

Thanks to almost 50 years of my father Mario Padoin’s experience…

Backed by experienced and enthusiastic technicians and integrated by the most recent CAD/CAM design tools, we satisfy any need for the design and construction of dies.
M&M can design, build and repair pitch dies, block dies, carry out secondary machining and any production need.

M&M Srl can count on a highly-specialized workshop, with CNC machine, wire-cut electric discharge machining…

…sinker electric discharge machining and parallel rectifiers that allow us to offer state-of-the-art services on small, medium and large dies.

All dies are tested with our presses and, upon request, we also offer pre-production of parts and small batches. Moreover, we guarantee maintenance and repair of already existing dies.


Before making the die, we can also make an ABS prototype: Rapid Prototyping (RP) is a technology that makes the production of complex geometric objects possible, in a short period of time and without the need for tools, directly from the mathematical model of the object created on a three-dimensional CAD system. We use FDM technology, fused deposition modelling.

The reasons for making prototypes are numerous:

  • Physically making a model to test the functionality of an object by verifying, for example, the coupling of the parts
  • Physically making a model certain items to evaluate style, ergonomics, the project, costs or market research
  • Making a “master” to use for the creation of a die to replicate the object even on a large scale through traditional moulding technologies
  • Making an object that can be used during the creation of catalogues or brochures
  • Making “final pieces” or rather, small batches without the need for a die

Therefore, it is clear that creating an actual sample reduces planning times by identifying topics that need work or a different route thus saving time and money.
RP is now used in all fields, from mechanics to jewellery, eyewear and footwear production, in architecture, plumbing, furniture…