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We have 3 models of feeders for presses:

  • MM250
  • MM550
  • MM350

Our work ethic is simplicity therefore we have designed a feeder that can pull from 0.5 mm to 5 mm giving the maximum width of the sheet metal strip for both models.
The electronic handling of the feeder has been developed over time with the goal of simplifying and reducing the tooling costs of the presses.
In particular, the management of the speed/ramp/gain, etc. axes, are set with the input of one single datum “speed”.
Everything is managed through a simple formula that sets the whole machine with only one touch operation.


  • Sheet metal thickness: from 0.5 to 5 mm
  • Strip width: MM250, MM350 or MM550
  • Speed mm/s: from 1 to 1200 mm/s
  • Position tolerance: +/- 0.05


  • Programmable pitches based on acceleration and speed with controls for cylinder or other
  • Cams for feeder adjustments plus 3 free lines
  • Recipe book to save the various pitch-cam-batch-speed, etc. configurations
  • Piece counter with division in batches
  • Upon request: Real-time production graph
  • Upon request: Set of 6 pneumatic valves, 3 for pitch programme lines, 3 for the cam for possible scrap, trimmings or controls for cylinder for unloading of workpiece
  • Upon request: Manual coil straightener with 5 idle rollers
  • Upon request: Safety control page for die saver with 4 sensors

The aim of the design, created during the planning phase, is the simplicity and versatility of the machine to satisfy the ever more dynamic needs of our clients.
For example, on the 2T model, ideal for the production of small metal products, more than one coil can be loaded at the same time thus lowering loading time.
Both models can be equipped with hydraulic blankholder arm.

Specifications of 2 TON model

  • Capacity: 2 tonnes
  • Coil diameter: 1500 mm
  • Strip width: 500mm
  • Speed 30 rotations\min
  • Loop height sensor
  • Telemetry laser for speed adjustment

Specifications of 4 TON model

  • Capacity: 4 tonnes
  • Coil diameter: 1500 mm
  • Strip width: 600mm
  • Speed 20 rotations\min
  • Loop height sensor
  • Telemetry laser for speed adjustment